Following on from yesterday’s Government announcement in relation to Covid-19

All North Walsham Velo club rides are to be cancelled with immediate effect.

The salient points leading to the decision:

Social Distancing: Health advisories on social distancing are for 2 meters or 6 feet (depending on your source).

For club rides, this is generally an issue at the start of rides and at rest stops. Airborne Germs: In cycling terms, these were described as snot rockets, coughs and sneezes. Also included is breathing (exhalation) by those affected by the disease that may or may not be aware of it. All such germs are easily transported by the air during moderate or fast paced club rides, and group rides in general.


Subsequent to this, the plan is to implement, virtual rides/racing on Zwift to take place at the same time as our previous club rides.


Established September 2014
Photo taken in the Market Place, North Walsham


About North Walsham Velo.

North Walsham Velo (NWV) is a group of cyclists who enjoy biking on the roads of Norfolk. The goal of the club is to encourage safe road cycling practices that promote a healthy, active, environmentally aware lifestyle in our community. The club welcomes members of all skill levels and encourages regular participation in organised cycling events.

Club Activities .

Bike Rides. Scheduled weekly rides serve to increase road camaraderie and good cycling habits that adhere to strict, established road rules. The Sunday ride program serves for the beginner and more experienced riders, meeting at the Town Clock to begin an approximate 30-mile plus ride at speeds between 16 and 18 mph, for the experienced riders, we also cater for the social groups and for people trying to build their fitness levels, these rides are generally of between 20-27 miles less demanding and at a slower pace, typically 12-14mph. Both groups have seasoned designated leaders that assist and encourage participants.

Social Gatherings.

North Walsham Velo intend to attend local events to attract a broad base of cyclists to join the club. These events will feature different cycling themes and are scheduled to coincide with any upcoming community events. Sponsors will be encouraged to come along with presentations about their products and services this will benefit the local community.

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