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I’d like to introduce you all to a very special little girl called Amber. Amber is 5yrs old and currently battling against a brain tumour, although the tumour itself has been removed, she is now undergoing extensive radiotherapy and chemotherapy in Germany in a bid to rid her entirely of cancer so she can return to the childhood she so rightfully deserves. Its every parent’s nightmare and it’s happening to an amazing family. Please give whole heartedly and generously just to give this family a well-deserved break, so they can enjoy some precious family time all together.

This is the story so far from her father Jonathon Sheehy- Amber was suffering from migraines and vomiting and so was taken to Drayton surgery where the amazing doctor advised of an eye appointment, the optician saw Amber within days and advised going to N&N hospital straight away, she went to hospital and they gave her a Cat scan and found a tumour and within hours we as a family were at Addenbrookes hospital for the night for an MRI scan. After several scans and checks they found a tumour that would need urgent removal and gave us only a couple of days to prepare which meant not being able to leave hospital. We were looked after and put in a shared house by the Sick children’s trust which is simply amazing. Amber had surgery which lasted 8 hours and then spent several nights in intensive care as she had breathing problems. A few days on and Amber is recovering slowly and beginning to walk but struggling with opening both eyes properly. A week after surgery we were informed she had cancer and would need to undergo radio and chemotherapy which will be around a year, the radiotherapy could possibly be carried out using a new technique only available in Germany so possibly the way forward being supported by the amazing NHS. We hope to take Amber home next week for a short time before her year of treatment begins which will involve thousands of miles of travel back and forth to Cambridge, Germany maybe and hundreds of other appointments. Fingers crossed she has a good recovery from treatment and has her brother by her side as her best medicine so far.

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