We started in 2014 so that we could...

– Create regular opportunities to cycle as a group.
– Encourage and develop new and experienced cyclists on to the road and beyond
– Support a diverse range of skills and interests within an inclusive social environment
– Help build fitness, health and wellbeing
– Access a network of useful, practical skills
– Establish a firm link to British Cycling
– Incorporate a competitive element into the calendar
Group and Town Clock

What do we do?

Sunday Rides

Weekly rides leave the clock tower in the market place at 8 am and return by late morning. Distances vary from 20 miles to 50+. With all Sunday rides, routes vary and mostly stick to quieter roads; there is usually a cafe stop on the longer rides. Each ride is led by and the pace managed to ensure no-one gets left behind.

Social Evenings

We plan to meet up at least once a month (venue to be confirmed), everyone is welcome to join us, whether you’ve ridden with us before or just want to find out more.

Want to get involved?

Join us for a ride!

You can follow us on Twitter, join our Facebook group for non-members, follow our rides on Ride with GPS join us on here or stalk us a bit and never actually get round to joining us at any event or anything and always think of what could have been.

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